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Amos R Mcmullian

Active: Independent Chairman Emertius - Last Updated: 07/04/2015 6:58am

Flowers Foods, Inc.

Mr. Amos R. McMullian is an Independent Chairman Emertius of Flowers Foods Inc. He retired as chairman of the board of directors of Flowers Foods effective January 1, 2006, a position he had held since November 2000. He previously served as chief executive officer of Flowers Foods from November 2000 to January 2004. Mr. McMullian previously served as chairman of the board of directors of Flowers Industries, Inc. from 1985 until March 2001 and as its chief executive officer from 1981 until March 2001. Mr. McMullian previously served on the board of directors of Hughes Supply (2001-2006). Mr. McMullian has experience in operational and financial experience as an executive in capacities during his 50-year career with the company, 24 years of which he served as the chief executive officer. Mr. McMullian joined the company in 1963.

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