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Manhattan Associates, Inc.

NASDAQ:MANH - Nov. 29th 9:10pm

$ 76.02 1.16 (1.55%)

Shares of Manhattan Associates, Inc. – a $5.6 billion market cap IT Services & Consulting company – have risen 1.55 percent to $76.02 as of 12:00 AM.

Manhattan Associates, Inc. (Manhattan) is a developer and provider of supply chain commerce solutions. The Company is engaged in developing, selling, deploying, servicing and maintaining software solutions designed to manage supply chains, inventory and Omni-channel operations for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, logistics providers and other organizations. The Company's solutions consist of software, services, and hardware, which coordinate people, workflows, assets, events, and tasks across the functions linked in a supply chain. It offers its solutions in three areas: supply chain, Omni-channel and inventory. Its solutions enable coordinating the actions, data exchange, and communication of participants in supply chain ecosystems, such as manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, trading partners, transportation providers, channels (such as catalogers, store retailers, and Web outlets), and consumers. It has operations in North America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region.

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Manhattan Associates, Inc. Filed an SEC document

Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:MANH) filed an Insider Transactions, SEC DOC 4, on November 4th, 2015.

ATLANTA, GA | 3 weeks ago

Manhattan Associates, Inc.