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STAAR Surgical Company

NASDAQ:STAA - May. 23rd 1:09am

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$ 9.30 0.16 (1.75%)

Shares of STAAR Surgical Company – a $360.8 million market cap Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution company – have risen 1.75 percent to $9.30 as of 9:16 PM.

STAAR Surgical Company (STAAR) designs, develops, manufactures and sells implantable lenses for the eye and delivery systems used to deliver lenses into the eye. The Company makes lenses used in corrective or refractive surgery, and make lenses for use in surgery that treats cataracts. Activities outside the United States accounted for approximately 82% of its total sales in Fiscal 2013, due to the pacing of product approvals and commercialization that tend to occur outside the United States, STAAR sells its products in more than 60 countries, with direct distribution in the United States, Canada, Japan and Spain. STAAR has initiated a project to consolidate all of its manufacturing to its Monrovia, California facility. STAAR, Visian, Collamer, CentraFlow, AquaPort, nanoFLEX, nanoPOINT, Epiphany, and AquaFlow are trademarks or registered trademarks of STAAR in the United States and other countries. Collamer is the brand name for STAAR’s proprietary collagen copolymer lens material.

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STAAR Surgical Company