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MSGI Technology Solutions Inc

GREY:MSGI - May. 28th 1:41am

$ 0.00 -0.0002 (-100.00%)

Shares of MSGI Technology Solutions Inc – a $0 market cap Business Support Services company – have fallen -100.00 percent to $0.00 as of 2:58 PM. With the current share price, MSGI Technology Solutions Inc has a P/E Ratio of 0.00.

MSGI Technology Solutions, Inc., formerly MSGI Security Solutions, Inc., is developing solutions for commercial and governmental organizations. The Company is developing a business that leverages information and technology. The Company’s clients include private and public-sector organizations focused on homeland security, law enforcement, and military and intelligence operations that support anti-terrorism and national security interests, medical service providers, and energy service producers and providers. In August 2009, the Company incorporated wholly owned subsidiary Nanobeak, Inc., a nanotechnology company focused on carbon based chemical sensing for gas and organic vapor detection. In September 2009, the Company incorporated wholly owned subsidiary Andromeda Energy Inc., a company focused on scalable alternative energy solutions employing National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) developed nanotechnology.

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MSGI Technology Solutions Inc Filed an SEC document

MSGI Technology Solutions Inc (GREY:MSGI) filed an Uncategorized, SEC DOC UPLOAD, on August 22nd, 2013.

NEW YORK, NY | 1 year ago

MSGI Technology Solutions Inc