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MSGI Security Solutions Inc

GREY:MSGI - Oct. 25th 2:12pm

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Shares of MSGI Security Solutions Inc – a $678 thousand market cap Security & Protection Services company – have fallen -100.00 percent to $0.01 as of 8:25 PM.

MSGI Security Solutions Inc was originally incorporated in Nevada in 1919. is a provider of proprietary solutions to commercial and governmental organizations. The Company is developing a global combination of innovative emerging businesses that leverage information and technology. The Company is headquartered in New York City where it serves the needs of counter-terrorism, public safety, and law enforcement and is developing new technologies in nanotechnology and alternative energy as a result of its recently formed relationship with The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Company seeks business and growth opportunities through strategic relationships and sub-contract relationships where its experience and expertise in coordinating and implementing security and other technologies might be employed. The MSGI strategy is focused on the collaboration between the Company and NASA in an effort to commercialize various revolutionary technologies developed by NASA in the fields of nanotechnology and alternative energy. The Company recognizes research and development costs associated with certain product development activities. MSGI through its subsidiary Future Developments America, Inc. (FDA), markets a range of off-the-shelf and custom surveillance equipment, including antennas, audio bugs, body cameras, covert and overt color and black-and-white cameras, night vision fixed surveillance cameras, power supplies, recording devices and related supplies. The two subsidiaries of the Company are Innalogica, LLC and Future Developments America, Inc. (FDA). In August 2009, the Company formed its subsidiary; Nanobeak Inc. nnalogic LLC (Innalogic) is a wireless software product development firm that works with clients to custom-design technology products that meet specific user, functional and situational requirements. Innalogics wireless video applications help clients make the upgradation of closed circuit television component (CCTV) video security systems from analog to digital technology.

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MSGI Security Solutions Inc Hit a 52-week High

MSGI Security Solutions Inc (GREY:MSGI) hit a 52-week share price high of $0.05.

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MSGI Security Solutions Inc